Five Minute Friday on Sunday

I’m a couple of days late to the Five Minute Friday party this week.  I started a post on Friday, but got stuck designing an image for it and never got around to posting.  So, I’m using the stock FMF image and moving straight into the post today.


This week’s prompt is “steady”.

I have problems with steady.  I lack consistency and often miss out on things (like this week’s Five Minute Friday on Friday) because I get caught up in perfection or anxiety or fall down the rabbit hole of the internet.  So, I don’t post on a steady basis.  I don’t clean on a steady basis.  For that, I paid the price yesterday with a fly larvae infestation in my trash can and kitchen that was absolutely disgusting and took hours and throwing away two trash cans, a broom, multiple rags and a couple of towels to get it all cleaned up.  If I would have taken the trash out sooner, I may have been able to avoid that mess and additional cost.  I don’t grade on a steady basis, so during the school year, I am often dealing with piles of grading that needs to be done.  I don’t read on a steady basis, so I have books and books and more books that I want to read, but never get around to doing so.

Why do I lack this steadiness?  I’m not really sure.  But, I need help to get more steady.  I want to be steady.  Steady as a rock.  It has something to do with discipline and motivation, but it also has to do with being willing to follow a plan.


Well, there you go…my life of lacking steady.  This weekend has hit me hard.  I am in the midst of a summer sore throat and cold that is kicking my butt.  I dealt with the disgusting fly larvae yesterday.  I have way too many things on my agenda this week and although I still have a good eight weeks left of summer, I feel like it is slipping through my hands like soft water right now.  I can barely feel any of it as it goes through my fingers.

So, what to do about it?  Well, I will definitely be praying about it.  But, I am also going to be looking at getting some guidance as well.  Hopefully, I can be consistent about praying and looking for guidance about being more consistent.