Welcome to my Project Hawaii 5-0 blog!  You are probably at least curious about what this project is all about and what Hawaii 5-0 has to do with anything.  Well, I am quickly approaching my 49th birthday (a little over a month away – July 24, 2017) and I’ve decided that I needed a little kick in the pants to do something really nifty in my fifties. So, in part, the project is me and the 5-0 is my age and Hawaii?  Why not?  I went to Hawaii a couple of times in my early 20s and have not been back since and I figure it would be a great way to celebrate myself in my 50s!  Which brings me to Project Hawaii 5-0!

Which brings me to Project Hawaii 5-0!

So, I’m setting a goal to fund a trip for me and my family to Hawaii in my fifth decade, which makes money management and travel a part of this blog.

I was also what OB-GYN’s like to call “Of Advanced Maternal Age” (seriously?  worst name ever – how about “Of Advanced Maternal Wisdom” instead?) when I had my daughter, so I currently have an 8-year-old daughter who I am doing my best to keep up with in life.  So, part of this blog will be parenting and another part will be aging gracefully (or grudgingly).

Finally, I am a wannabe avid reader.  What does that mean?  It means I love the IDEA of reading a ton, but I often find myself doing other things instead.  But, I plan to make part of this blog about books to give myself some motivation to read more.  I can even work the Hawaii 5-0 theme in by calling these “Book ‘Em Danno!” posts!  Cheesy, but fun cheesy.  Right?

Once I decided on “Project Hawaii 5-0” I did a little research and found out that the original show came out the year I was born (1968 for those of you who find math a challenge).  So, that connection sealed the deal!  I have decided that I need to work in the TV show every once in a while as well (if you read the blog much, you will probably figure out that I love retro TV shows – Murder She Wrote, Rockford Files, etc., so I can definitely make the original show a part of my viewing pleasure and tie it in to my life somehow).

So, now you know what this blog is all about!  Please check out some posts and let me know what you think!